Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of The Kremer Collection. We hope you will enjoy the ticker bar at the bottom of this page - which will start to run if you move your cursor over it -  and the magnifier on the collection pages. As well, we have updated the site with a number of our recent acquisitions for a total of 57 works. 


This exhibition – the fourth exhibition of the complete collection – closed on March 25 after 5 months in Paris.  A completely new and updated catalogue in French was published with 57 works in full colour. As an interesting feature our latest acquisition, a work by Jan van Bylert was displayed (not in the catalogue), giving the public an insight in the acquisition- and restoration process.

We very much like to share our love and passion for these paintings and show the public why we believe these works are exciting, beautiful art that played an essential role in the development of western art. All the great masters of Realism and Impressionism and all who came after them were influenced by these Dutch and Flemish masters.

Our exhibitions serve to show our collection to a wider, international public. We are looking for additional venues and should you be interested, please contact us.

Further details will be published here from time to time and in our Newsletters.

George Kremer

June 1, 2012