The history of The Kremer Collection

This website discusses works of art that were collected since 1995.

The collection contains masterpieces such as Gerrit Dou’s Self-portrait, Pieter de Hooch’s Man reading a letter to a woman, Frans Hals’ Portrait of a man, Jan Lievens’Christ at the column, Rembrandt’s Bust of an old man with turban and Michael Sweerts’ A young maidservant as well as 2 works by Gerrit van Honthorst, St. Peter penitent and Avarice. It also includes very interesting works by lesser known masters who deserve a larger audience such as Adriaen Hanneman (his last self-portrait), Abraham Bloemaert (2 works), Abraham Janssens, Theodoor Rombouts, Jan Baptist Weenix and Emanuel de Witte.

Our collection is a growing, living creation, literally a ‘piece of art’ that continues to develop. Acquisitions are still made from time to time and will be published on this website. Example: in 2007 we acquired a masterwork by one of the leading masters of the Utrecht school, Gerrit van Honthorst. St. Peter penitent is fully signed, in remarkably good condition and was painted around 1618-1620 in Italy. It is one of only 17 works by the master from his Italian period.

We very much like to share our love and passion for these paintings and show the public why we believe these works are exciting, beautiful art that played an essential role in the development of western art. All the great masters of Realism and Impressionism and all who came after them were influenced by the Dutch and Flemish masters.